Automotive Expert Witness

My automotive expertise also has proved to be extremely valuable in performing service as an expert witness for automotive design related law cases. My skills and background in this field include:

  • I have a BA in 3 dimensional art (Industrial Design Major) California State University Northridge. Graduated in June 1994 with Honors.
  • I have worked in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry for 15 years, as a designer of Aftermarket products ranging from Accessories, Body Kits, and Wheels.
  • Cars have not only been my profession but my hobby and life study since before I was a teenager.
  • I’m a published Automotive Artist and Automotive Journalist.
  • I’m a former Automotive Mechanic.  I have restored and rebuilt at least ten cars.
  • I was the top salesman of OEM and Aftermarket car parts for a well known Porsche Toyota mail order parts house in the late 1980’s.
  • I’ve been featured guest on several Automobile related Television shows.
  • I have an incredible eye for detail, noticing even the slightest modifications done on a stock body.
  • I’m the former Vice President of the Los Angeles Shelby American Auto Club, and I’m an expert in Shelby motor cars.
  • I have extensive knowledge of how Alloy wheels are manufactured, from CNC, Forged, to low pressure casting, and the variations in finishing processes.
  • I am an expert in general Automotive as well, especially in dealing with American made cars.  ( All I read as a kid was car magazines and car books) I have a lot of historical knowledge of the automotive industry aftermarket and original manufactures.
  • My name in the Hot Rod and Custom car design industry is very well respected.
  • I’m writing a Guide on getting a custom car built for new comers to the hobby.
  • I have served as an expert witness in automotive design case in the last year.
  • I designed the Good Guys 2010 Give Away car ( Good Guys is a world renowned Hot Rod & Custom Car club that puts on 22 national car shows a years)

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