Kaucher Kustoms 1/25 Scale Resin Kits

High quality casting cast by Ron Andrews of Resin Motors Replicas very well detailed Kaucher Kustoms designed custom Camaro Sport wagon conversion works with any of  Revell’s  1/25th  ’69 Camaro kits. this 11 piece kit comes with body, interior chassis with rear tire clearance, cowl hood, dash, interior door panels, valance, and glass to complete your Sport Wagon conversion.

The box as original model box artwork, done by keith Kaucher of Kaucher Kustoms.

Purchase them now in our store, and check out the exciting new resign customizing kits available soon from KKM Resin Kits. See the box art below for upcoming designs.

’62 Tbird 1/25th Scale Resin Customizing Kits


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KKM ’69 Camaro Sport Wagon 1/25th Scale Resin Customizing Kits


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KKM 68 Camaro Fastback 1/25th Scale Resin Customizing Kit


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User Reviews:

Just wanted  let you know that the Camaro wagon arrived safe and sound on Friday. When I opened it my jaw hit the floor. It’s one beaut body. I will send photos of it once it’s done. One thing I have found is the most of Revells 69 Camaro Z/28 Rs kit (85-7457) fits the body, chassis, dash door panels, with the rest of the other parts look like they with all fit too.
 Alan M. Australia 

I have been building since 1957,and must say these are two of the best resin kits I  have ever purchased. Is it possible for you to send me an e-mail when you have other kits ready?
Cary M.  Wichita, KS

WOW!!!!!!! man the 2 Camaro Sport Wagons are just fabulous. I have seen a lot of resin castings and your product is right at the top of the page. Can’t wait to get started on them.
Dave P.  Ottawa, KS

4 Responses to “Kaucher Kustoms 1/25 Scale Resin Kits”

  1. Matthijs Says:

    Really nice kit, I’ll start saving.
    What willl be next?!
    I saw an atricle on you in KR8 magazine, from The Netherlands.
    I build a car model every now and then, so I like the kit idea a lot!

    Good luck and keep me posted on the next kits!

    Matthijs Grit
    The Netherlands

  2. Matthijs Says:

    Ps. Will you do the Yenko/SW decals as well?


  3. keith Says:

    I have a ’68 Camaro fastback, a ’64 Cadillac Fastback, and ’62 T-bird fastback, a ’71 Cuda wagon, a ’69 Firebird wagon, and a’70 Challenger fastback and wagon, coming out soon.

  4. keith Says:

    I think they are available by another scale decal vendor but no the kit doesn’t include any decals

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