System 51 Pro Kit

System 51 Pro Kit

The SYSTEM 51 Pro Kit is perfect for Body Shops, Detailers and do-it-yourself car care enthusiasts.

For the Body Shop, imagine one polish and two pads that takes you from color sanding to a perfect shine. Use the wool pad to remove color sanding scratches and the foam pad to remove scratches left by the wool pad. The Velcro backing plate makes attaching the pads a snap! You can quickly switch back to the wool pad if you realize you missed some color sanding scratches. Also, unlike other compounds, there is no harsh odor or staining. The polish is water-based, so cleanup is easy.

Do you have multiple techs in your shop? Get each one their own SYSTEM 51 Pro Kit! The Polish & Spray Wax can be refilled via one-gallon or five-gallon containers.

Color Sanding & Buffing Instructions:

  • Color sand as you normally would (we prefer 2000- 3000 grit sand paper as a final finish)
  • Attach wool pad & apply a small amount of polish to the work area.
  • Use buffer speed of 1000 to 1500 RPM
  • Remove all color sanding scratches with the wool pad.
  • Attach the foam pad to the Velcro backing plate. Use a small amount of polish again.
  • Remove all wool pad scratches with the foam pad.
  • Use a micro fiber cloth and wipe any excess polish off the surface.
  • Enjoy your swirl-free finish

Watch the SYSTEM 51 Pro Kit in action in Jay Leno’s garage here.

For detailers, enjoy high-quality finishes with our two pad system. For tough oxidation and scratches, start with the wool pad and follow-up with the foam pad. Any polish splattered on the windows or trim cleans up easy with soap and water. Best of all, no more swirl marks!

For the do-it-yourselfer, polishing has never been easier or safer! You can polish without the worry of burning your paint or wearing down edges. System 51 Pro Kit is perfectly safe for all finishes and you don’t need to be an expert to produce a showroom shine. System 51 Pro Kit includes all the parts and instructions you need to polish and detail like a pro!

The System 51 Pro Kit also includes our revolutionary waterborne carnauba based Replenishing Spray Wax. Waxing has never been easier, simply spray on and wipe off. Can also be applied directly to a wet car after the final rinse before drying – Wax as you dry! Never before has applying a real carnauba wax been so easy. Get that deep carnauba shine and protection with ease.

The following quality components are found in the System 51 Pro Kit; just add your favorite buffer (we suggest the Dewalt DW849, but any quality user settable variable speed buffer will do).

  • Quart of Pro Cut Cutting Polish
  • 15oz Replenish Wax
  • 8oz Perfect Cut Cutting / Finishing Polish
  • 8" White Wool Polishing Pad
  • 8" White Foam Finishing Pad
  • Velcro Backing Plate
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Spray Nozzle
  • Instruction Sheet


  • Polish and two pads that’s all you will need
  • No harsh odors
  • Water based; easily clean up paint, trim, tires, buffing pads, etc. with mild soap and water.
  • Cuts, Polishes, and Removes Swirls
  • Body shop safe
  • No need to tape off edges
  • No worries of cross-contamination
  • Easily reattach the wool pad to the Velcro backing plate during final polishing stages should you discover color sanding scratches that were missed
  • NO FILLERS; scratches will not return, because they are not being covered up
  • Works on all paints; fresh paint, cured paint, factory paint, even ceramic clears!
  • Made in the USA!

Give the System 51 Pro Kit a try!

***Please Note*** Plastic case is no longer available. System 51 Pro Kit now comes in a lightweight cardboard box.

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