System 51 Replenish Wax Refill – 1 Gallon

System 51 Replenish Wax Refill – 1 Gallon

We proudly introduce System 51 Replenish Wax: the first nano-engineered product of its kind.

Gone forever are the days of laboriously applying paste wax and liquids that have to dry leaving a messy white residue.

From today onward, technology and 10 years of research allow SYSTEM 51 to apply carnauba wax to the paintwork in the form of a fine mist that can be gently wiped off. Protection lasts as long as the most expensive carnauba wax paste and leaves an ultra high-gloss wet-look finish. The best part of all? No white residue stuck in the nooks and crannies!

This water-based, environmentally-friendly product has no solvent aromas or fumes and can be applied in any temperature above freezing. It is simply to apply, safe to use and is particularly impressive on the most expensive custom-paint finishes. In fact, it is already being used by professional restorers on some of the world’s most expensive collector cars.

However, this is a ground up product that is available at an affordable price that every enthusiast will not be able to live without!

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior wet-look finish on paintwork
  • No messy white residue
  • Can be applied to dry and wet surfaces; wash and wax your vehicle almost as fast as you can wash and dry it!
  • One product for all; can be applied to glass, rubber, vinyl, ABS, chrome, stainless steel, woodwork and upholstery
  • No sticky residue remaining on plastic or rubber surfaces
  • No solvent aroma or fumes
  • Environmentally-friendly; lowest solvent content
  • Time-saving; dries instantly
  • Will not separate if left to stand
  • No out-gassing on hot days, like solvent-based waxes, which will cause a dulling of the paint finish
  • Finish looks as good and lasts longer than the most expensive carnauba wax paste
  • Anti-static additives repel dirt and dust
  • Non-toxic, water-based
  • Works at any temperature above freezing
  • Highest surface coverage saves money; typically 3-5 ounces of product needed to wax a vehicle
  • Great for touch-ups; keep the spray bottle and micro-fiber cloth in your car to deal with ‘dirty birds’ before your clear-coat gets permanently damaged
  • Add to wash water (approximately one tablespoon to 5 gallons of wash water) to extend the time between wax jobs
  • Made in the USA
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