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Mission Statement

Kaucher Kustom’s is here to assist individual clients and fabrication shops in creating elegantly styled custom cars that not only win awards, but go on to become iconic in the industry.

Our Goal

To provide my clients with the most comprehensive and innovative design services to aide them in bringing the custom car or hot rod of their dreams to reality by providing them with visual blueprints in a variety of formats. 


I offer consulting services to act as a liaison between client and custom car or hot rod builder.

Why hire a designer?

Would you remodel a house without an architect?

The cost to build a custom car can in some cases be just as expensive as remodeling a house, an experienced general contractor wouldn’t even consider starting a remodel without a set of architectural plans.

A rendered design is visual the plan, guide and starting point for the fabricator. Having an illustrated plan before a project is started is the best way to ensure that the finished car matches what a client had in mind to begin with. Showing a fabricator what is wanted is a lot easier than trying to describe it.

It is also critical in for the client in seeing what they have in their head and whether it works as well as they thought, and what else can be done to optimize the design. A well-designed car is timeless, and it’s the little details and continuity that makes a car really flow and stand out from the rest.

Additionally, a rendered design can be used as a tool to attract aftermarket product sponsors, are requirement for SEMA build proposals, and for build books when competing in high end Professionally Judged custom car shows, like the Grand National Roadster Show and the Detroit Autorama, two of the most prestigious custom and hot rod car shows in North America.